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There are a number of Individual Coaching Formats available for personal development, to accomodate your preference, lifestyle and means. Regardless of the chosen coaching format or coaching fee, the common requirement is consistency and commitment. The coaching fees for the following programs range from $300 to $1,000 per month.

Personal Development Service Area Specialties for personal coaching, professional coaching, and organizational coachingIndividual Tele-coaching
Professional/Personal coaching sessions are held by telephone. Hence, the name "telecoaching". Your coaching format includes three 45 minute sessions per month at a regular and convenient time set by you and coach.

Organizational & Business Coaching
Critical to any personal development or change effort, is the need for executives and professionals to have one on one opportunity to grow quickly in order to meet their strategic goals. This process is designed for exceeding individual performance needs.

Onsite Coaching
Face to face coaching sessions are scheduled once a week. Sessions are 60 minutes in length and include 10 to 15 minute of quick coaching by telephone in between sessions. This coaching format may vary depending on special projects, personal development needs, or specific tasks.

Keynote & Speaking Engagements
Please call about your presentation needs and we will custom design a program for you. Topics range from leadership training to personal development.

Call for a FREE, no obligation 30 to 45 minute consultation with Mark Paskowitz to see which of the offered coaching formats would be a proper fit for you! It's really that easy! e-mail or call Mark now at (858) 272-7984.

Have you thought about getting someone a very unique and special gift? Give someone the experience of the coaching process without making a long-term commitment. A one-time coaching fee of $150.00 includes three introductory coaching sessions, each 30 minutes in length.

One of the joys of supporting you or your organization in this process, is that there is no one set way to achieve your goals and performance solutions. I am flexible in meeting your organizational or individual and personal development needs, so fees vary depending on the scope and detail of our work together. Please call for additional information.



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