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The more powerful the questions that you ask of yourself, the more the quality of your life improves. Please take a moment to reflect on just some of the many questions we will address together during the coaching process.

• Would you benefit from dramatically increasing your performance on the job?

• Are you earning what you are truly worth?

• Do you sometimes confuse your daily activities with being productive and focused?

• Are you using your unique talents and gifts within your current career?

• If you lost your ability to earn a living this month, how long could you comfortably live on current savings?

• If you are a leader or individual contributor to a team or business unit. Does your group work as a high performance team or merely getting by?

• Could you benefit from acknowledgement and encouragement on an ongoing basis as you approach your professional and personal goals?

Musicians, athletes and senior executives long ago learned the success of having a coach for peak performance. How would you like to make a significant leap in your career, personal and professional accomplishments? Maybe coaching is for you. Meet your success partner, coach and advocate Mark Paskowitz. Anyone with big goals or a desire for a higher quality of life can benefit from a trained and competent coach. Your success in life is determined by the decisions you make, moment by moment. The actions you take shape your entire destiny.



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